Numero Uno

Hey guys!

Never did I ever think the day would come where I'd be the author of a blog, however here we are. But let's be honest, this is really just an amateur photography portfolio because at the end of the day I hate writing. HATE it. I like math, and science, and sports, and all kinds of nerdy things, and of course, photography.

So then why have a blog, right? Well I don't intend on writing many entries other than when I feel like rambling, but I figured this was the best way share my photos and what I'm working on & learning with anyone who decides they are bored enough to stop by. Anyone besides my mom, of course, and my close friends who need to act busy when they're hungover at work. I also figured this would help me push myself to learn new things and try new techniques to improve my photography. Because no one wants to look at sh***y photos. Not even my mom.

So here we are... officially on the board with post #1. I hope you enjoy. Also feel free to critique or tell me if you think any of my images are just plain crap. I am rather new to this, and I have pretty thick skin.



Maggie Machinsky